Who We are

We are an offshore outsourcing company based in Chennai, India; assisting domestic and International Companies with various online and offline outsourcing services such as Data entry, Data conversion, Data extraction, Back office operations and much more.

We are passionate about taking on challenges that matter to our clients and helping them find solutions through our deep functional and industry expertise. Elim Services’s success is attributed to our consistent quality, innovative delivery methods and competitive pricing. We apply our understanding of market and industry demands to develop long-term macroeconomic perspectives. Our business solution erases today’s problems and creates tomorrow’s opportunities that are refined with quality and integrity. Exceeding customer expectation & delivering exceptional value to customers is our goal.

Quality, Value for money, turn around time are our topmost priorities; and we ensure they are met all the times. It has been our key strategy for Client retention. From the time a process or task is transferred to us till its conclusion, we guarantee a hassle-free experience for our Clients. Our team at “Elim Services” strives to exceed Customer expectations in terms of quality and utility; our system and planning contributes to make the cause successful.

We get things done. Our non-hierarchical structure ensures our clients always have someone empowered to reach out to.